Chibicode's Readings

• = unread, → = in progress, = paused, √ = completed, ★ = highly recommended.

→ The Elements of Typographic Style
• MySQL Crash Course (need2buy)
→ Thinking with Type
• Python Essential Reference
• Universal Principles of Design
• Python Network Programming
• The Smashing Book (review)
• Realtime User Experience
• The Smashing Book 2
• Designing Brand Identity
• High Performance MySQL (need2buy)
• MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
• Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams
• Even Faster Websites
• Notes on the Synthesis and Form
• High Performance JavaScript
• Mastering Photoshop for Web Design
• JavaScript Patterns
• The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
• Pro JavaScript Design Patterns
• Megg's History of Graphic Design
• Test Driven JavaScript Development
• Metaprogramming with Ruby
• Programming Language Pragmatics
• Programming Scala
• Programming Groovy
• Programming Clojure
• DSLs in Action
• 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Books on business and such...
√ Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose ★
√ The Skinny on Credit Cards
√ Do More Faster ★
→ I will teach you to be rich
→ The Tipping Point
• Influence: The Psychology of Persuation
• Inside the Tornado
• Hackers & Painters
• Founders at Work
• The Art of Start
• Inspired
• Inbound Marketing

Japanese books...
√ 日本人の英語
√ 続 日本人の英語
→ 大規模サービス技術入門
→ なぜこの店で買ってしまうのか
→ 会計のルールはこの3つしかない
• クラウドアーキテクチャの設計と解析
• 街場のメディア論
• ガベージコレクションのアルゴリズムと実装
• なぜ韓国はパチンコを全廃できたのか
• ...

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated
The Art of Multiprocessor Programming ★
The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy
The Quick Python Book
Speech and Language Processing
Getting Started with Arduino
MAKE: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery
Designing Web Interfaces
Programming in Objective C 2.0
Cocoa Design Patterns ★
Getting Things Done
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
Breakthrough Rapid Reading ★
What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
Test Driven Development
Filthy Rich Clients
Cracking the Coding Interview
Clean Code
Code Complete 2
The RSpec Book
Crossing the Chasm
The Four Steps to the Epiphany ★
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development
Business Model Generation ★
Pro HTML5 Programming
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja ★
Ordering Disorder
Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature ★
Swing, Second Edition
The Innovator's Dilemma ★
iPhoneプログラミング UIKit詳解リファレンス
もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの「マネジメント」を読んだら ★
孫正義 規格外の仕事術

The Ruby Programming Language ★
TextMate: Power Editing
Pragmatic Thinking and Learning ★
CSS Mastery ★
The Pragmatic Programmer ★
Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns
Don’t make me think
JavaScript: The Good Parts
Pro JavaScript Techniques
jQuery in Action
Pragmatic Version Control using Git
Learning Rails
Agile Web Development with Rails (3rd ed.)
Programming Collective Intelligence
Object Oriented JavaScript
Programming Ruby 1.9
Beginning iPhone Development
Head First Design Patterns ★
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design
The Photoshop Anthology
iPhone SDK Development
Programming PHP
Best of Ruby Quiz
Ruby Best Practices
Learning Vi and Vim
The Passionate Programmer
Brain Rules
Designing for the Social Web
The Well Grounded Rubyist
Wicked Cool Java
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
Version Control with Git
The Algorithm Design Manual ★
Making and Breaking the Grid

Effective Java ★
Teach Yourself SQL
C Reference Manual
Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X
Programming in Objective C
Programming Pearls
Programming Interviews Exposed
User Interface Design for Programmers

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